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Sixteen years of my life have been spent teaching, two have been spent learning to be a mom. Does being a mom impact who you are as a teacher? Absolutely! Teaching is my profession, it’s how I defined my adult life. As a teacher you often refer to your students as your “kids.” After all you spend seven and a half hours a day with them, which is often more time than their actual parents. Of course that didn’t really occur to me until I had my own kids. So now I need to create this balance between being a great teacher and being a great mom. Both of which require major time commitments. How do I do both well? I have no idea!

This is where Teach.Mom.Repeat comes into play. Writing has always been a passion of mine. One of the best ways for me to organize my thoughts is to write them down on paper (or type them on a computer.) Blogging about my life as a teacher and my life as a mom will hopefully allow me the insight I need to do both of these jobs well. Not because I’ll see my thoughts on the screen, but because YOU will read my thoughts and comment on all the ways you too are doing these jobs well. How has becoming a mom impacted your career? How do you create balance? I promise to share whatever wisdom I find, if you all agree to do the same.

In my career as a teacher, there’s one thing I’ve learned to be essential: teaming . Cooperation is key. Students working as teams to accomplish tasks. Teachers working as teams to be better teachers. Recently our school has been placed on what is called the Ohio Improvement Plan. Part of this plan indicates how we as teachers should come together, creating professional learning communities within our school. I love this! Reading books and talking about them with others. Sharing and brainstorming ideas is my favorite kind of conversation. So why restrict it to just the people I teach with? And why make it just about teaching? This concept is great for moms, too. One comment to a blog post could become your own life-saving, sanity-keeping trick.  When raising babies, or educating children, “it takes a village” could not be a more accurate statement.

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